How I fell in love with the PCV Mission

That was where it turned from a “I want this for me” to a “I need to do this for others” feeling. And that’s when I knew it was something I not only wanted to do, or could handle, but I needed to do it to give back to the world. I needed to use my skills and body and vigor to provide a service to others who needed it. I needed to learn how to give to others, to give myself and everything I am to other people, to help them. … More How I fell in love with the PCV Mission


My Parachichi Mama/Goddess… and shopping in TZ

One mama’s prices are the same as the next mama’s prices. So who you choose to buy from doesn’t really matter apart from the relationship you can develop with a certain seller. When I came to my site for a short visit prior to moving to Njombe, the volunteer that I would be replacing introduced me to her favorite sellers and her parachichi mama. Now, I didn’t pay close attention to many people, but I remembered that mama. And when I moved to my site, that mama became my parachichi goddess. … More My Parachichi Mama/Goddess… and shopping in TZ

A day in the life of a Trainee – Post PST

I write this about 4 months after swearing in, so it’s definitely possible that I have forgotten some details of the trials and tribulations of PST. Or hell. Call it what you will.

Also, disclaimer… I didn’t really put that much effort into this post. It’s more a friendly “head’s up” kinda thing for incoming classes.  … More A day in the life of a Trainee – Post PST


I have never seen anything like this before. Not when I’ve been backpacking in the Three Sisters Wilderness, not when I was visiting my grandparents in South Africa, not when camping in remote places… I look up at the sky as I can see everything. I can see the moon, the stars so bright they can only be our closest planets. I can see the entire band of the Milky Way in all its magnificence. … More Cosmos

It’s No Good Having A Support System if You Don’t Use It…

So to anyone who is similarly bad at confiding in people when they need some support… lets work on this together. Admitting we are sad and lonely isn’t a crime. Accepting that we might need a little help now and again is okay. We are all human, and part of that means that we generally need a community around us. We can’t do everything on our own, and that’s normal. We don’t have to go around telling everyone our woes, but lets try and at least reach out to one person so we aren’t so alone.  … More It’s No Good Having A Support System if You Don’t Use It…

Coming Home to Africa

I am a South African-American and damn proud of it. Living in Tanzania is helping settle a lot of my prior resentment and confusion about where my home truly is. So much makes sense to me about my own childhood now. So much is explained about my mannerisms and communication style. My mothers fashion style is finally given some kind of basis and rationale. My longing to see African sunsets and feel at home – not like a parasitic tourist – is finally being fulfilled. In a way, I feel home here too, more “home” than I have in years. I sadly don’t live side by side with lions – that would have been asking too much apparently – but I’m in the same country as ones that roam freely over the actual real-life Serengeti. … More Coming Home to Africa

The PC Rumour Mill

I’ve heard from so many of our Resource PCVs during PST how my class was so cohesive and good at getting along without backstabbing each other. Apparently other recent classes had some shidas with that. But my class seemed to avoid such things during training for the most part, with my unfortunate experience as an exception. But while we were doing such a great job of getting along I feel like we weren’t always that open and honest with each other. We were so focused on just getting through PST I often feel like I didn’t really get to know anyone during PST. Of course I started getting overwhelmed at the end and started keeping my distance and going off to read and listen to music for some much-needed relaxation and peace in amongst the stress of PST. But there’s still a large part of me that feels like I’m surrounded by strangers that I don’t know and who don’t know me. … More The PC Rumour Mill